Saturday, October 29, 2016

3 More Animated GIF's -- 2016 Uchinanchu Matsuri

Festivities End Tomorrow

This parade took place OCT 26th, the day before opening ceremonies.

Friends and families from 18 countries, appeared on Okinawa for the 3 day festival.

Closing events begin at 5 PM and last until 9 PM OCT 30, 2016.

Have a peek at some of the smiling faces and brilliant colors, marching down the street.

Alaska Association parades down Kokusai Street in Naha, Okinawa

Alaska Kenjinkai

Visitors from Argentina marching in Uchinanchu parade

Argentine Kenjinkai

Hawaiian hula dancers and ukulele players marching

Hawaiian Ukulele and Hula Dancers

The camera batteries, are all charged up and, ready to go, I'm gonna miss this crowd.

It seems like, I haven't been doing anything lately but, developing images.

One of those gals from Alaska, brought me some gifts and, I didn't get a chance to thank her.

If no blog post gets done tomorrow, that means, I'm out of town.

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