Tuesday, October 11, 2016

US Elections -- It's Like this Grasshopper

GIF,grasshopper on red leaf

Trying to Explain 2016 Election

The wife watches Japanese news every morning on the kitchen television.

When they have US presidential debates, portions are shown here, with Japanese subtitles.

People around the globe are concerned about who the next US president will be.

Politics and I, don't get along so, I stay away from them and, mind my own business.

Yeah, I worry too and, thought of something to say, while shooting this animation.

Here's the Deal Grasshopper

Back there in the USA, trying to the next become president, are two worthless people.

One of them is a lying sack of crap and, the other is just a sack of crap.

Quit wiggling around and worrying, Grasshopper and listen to me when I'm talking.

Next month, we'll all know, which sack of crap is the election winner.

Get all your locust friends to crap in a sack, for me.

And, I'll see if I can find someone, to mail it to the next Grand Poobah of the USA !

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