Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ever Wonder How Many Fish Are in the Ocean?

fishing boat off west coast of Okinawa, GIF

Tons Are Caught Every Day

No interesting birds got in the range of my lens today but, it was a blast, anyhow.

Out on the west coast of the island, the weather was beautiful.

There was 420MM of glass on the end of the camera so, I picked on this fishing boat.

Without a tripod, I figured, it would be best to sit on a rock, down at sea level.

To create a GIF, it's best to make sure the camera remains steady.

That was accomplished, by propping my elbows on top of my bony knees.

Then, I blasted away and shot a series of about 100 images, just for the fun of it.

At 8.6 frames per second, it doesn't take long to get enough photos to create an animation.

After I had my fill of photos, fresh sea breeze air and, scorching sunshine, I got thinking.

"Damn, it's hot down here."  So, I hurried off the beach looking for some shade.

There Should Be a Guinness World Record

If, they had one for the Worst Fisherman on Earth, I could probably win.

Fresh fish, I love especially, when they just came out of the ocean.

Throw them on a grill, the same day they were snagged and, they are delicious.

People who eat fish that was frozen for a few months, have no clue. That stuff stinks.

The folks, who work catching fish, are real heroes to me. I can't catch the darn things.

Not even with a net, when the critters are in an aquarium.

It's easier, to dump all the water out and, stomp on the little things, 'til they stop wiggling.

That's what kind of fisherman, I am.

Nobody Could Count All the Fish in the Sea



Maybe, they can do some estimates but, fish don't hold still very long.

In my never ending searches for the truth, I came up with a tidbit for y'all.

An average of twenty tons of fish, comes into a market, every day, down in Naha.

When, they have a lucky, day sometimes fifty tons, come into the same port.

That's a bunch of fish in my hillbilly opinion.  Check it out !

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