Sunday, October 9, 2016

Animation: Talking to Spirits and Tossing Some Too

A shaman tossing Sake

Portion of an Okinawan Ritual

There are four ceremonies held, when building a home in Okinawa.

Before any ground is broken, prayers and offerings are made.

This ceremony is known as, tiindatii, sometimes pronounced tiindachii.

A spiritual person, known as munushiri, performs all the rituals.

Here, you see him pouring awamori (Okinawa sake) in a corner of the property.

Salt, grains of rice and the alcohol are offered at all four corners of the lot.

Once Construction Begins

Rituals involving family and a spiritual person, are held at the following stages:

House Framing Ceremony: Called Nnagi

Ridgepole Raising: Muniagi

Home Completion Ceremony: Yaafuchisuuji

Hopefully, I will be present for all the parties being held for this home construction.

Albums will be created on Facebook, titled with the above Okinawan names.

Tiindatii on Facebook

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