Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fireworks and Festival Goers

Crowd rocking at a festival, GIF

Before the Illuminations Kickoff

It's a good idea, to start searching for a good point for low light photography.

To capture fireworks (correctly) the camera has to be held steady.

Having left the tripod behind, I was going to use an alternate method of shooting.

Twenty minutes of circling the grounds, helped me decide where I'd set up for the explosives.

Some rock and roll band was playing, their last few tunes and, I got an idea.

Instead of shooting the performers, I'd capture images of the crowd, watching them.

They don't hold still, for very long. Do they ?

Fireworks over festival grounds at night

In the lower right of the frame, are the Orion Beer lanterns hanging from festival tents.

Illuminations exploding over fairgrounds

In Japan, they call these "Hanabi" meaning "Fire flower." OK maybe. I guess.

Hanabi, fireworks, festival, matsuri

It seems like, I'm far away from the festival grounds, when you look at these images.

Actually, I was just outside the crowd, using a wide angle lens.

Rockets and fireworks in evening skies

Something tells me, there will be a much livelier display of pyrotechnics tonight.

It's the closing ceremony for this matsuri and, a very popular band is playing.

Red and ping fireworks

That means, I better take the tripod along and, do it right.

It's not a good idea, to sit on your fanny with elbows on your knees for firework photography.

Especially if, the weatherman's prediction comes true. Rain this evening ?

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