Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Typhoon Chaba Approaching and Passing Okinawa

Scene out backdoor the night before typhoon as sun sets

All Is Well on the Island of Okinawa

Sunday night, I went home early, after unplugging everything electric in my office.

The weather dudes, predicted this storm would rip right through the Ryukyu islands.

Looking out the back door of the house, I shot this sunset scene with the cellphone camera.

It was 6:29PM and, I forgot, there was a real camera, setting on the kitchen table.

Then, it occurred to me, I should be drinking beer. So that's what I did.

Around 9PM trucks were driving around, telling people to stay away from the ocean.

They even told old folks, you can evacuate to the community center if, you get scared.

That's nice and, I bet some people did, just that but, I wasn't worried.

See, I live on a hill, way above sea level and, only go to the ocean on nice days.

That Typhoon Fooled Everybody

The crazy thing got stronger but, passed way to the south and west of this island.

It disappointed some folks but, I feel sorry for mainland Japan.

They have been getting attacked by almost every severe storm this year.

Fields, roads, mountains, rivers and homes get destroyed along with crops, too.

Some vegetable prices have already skyrocketed because of flooding in the mainland.

Most of our potatoes come from Hokkaido.  They don't grow very well, down here.

Well, the wife complains about how expensive potatoes have gotten. She won't but anymore.

I went shopping with her the other night and, decided to buy powdered potatoes.

That way, I could satisfy my craving for potatoes and beer, during the storm.

Before drinking anything, I had to do something with the Pentax.

GIF, wind blowing tree outside my backdoor

At 6:26PM it  seemed like a good time to duplicate the scene from the night before.

There wasn't any orange color in the sky so, I decided to show you the effects of the wind.

The sky appears bluer, only because, I bumped the camera up to ISO 400.

It was getting dark outside but, the wind wasn't very strong. Drink beer !

As the Storm Blows Farther and Farther Away

After a few (too many) beers, I forgot about making mashed potatoes and, went to bed.

It rained on and off, throughout the night and, I suppose it got fairly windy, out there.

Up in the morning, before the sun, I let the dog out and looked around.

No damage could be seen, anywhere, in my neck of the woods. That's good.

Life is back to normal on this island. Then, the wife wakes up.

She's forever, asking me, "What do you want to eat?"  I ain't hungry yet.

My mashed potatoes are still stuffed in a bag with some pizza potato chips, I forgot about.

The wife, made tons of rice so, we'd be ready if the rower failed. But, it didn't.

We gotta eat rice. Lots of it. So, I say, "OK. Let's try something different."

New Version of Fried Rice

Maybe it's been tried before and, maybe it hasn't. Ever seen anything like this?

fried rice with mozzarella cheese

It happens to be fried rice with chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Still in the experimental stages, I wasn't sure if, I should add some pizza sauce.

The lady of the house cooked it so, I don't know what all the ingredients might be.

It was fairly tasty. Maybe, could use a little more pepper and garlic.

Another big batch is waiting at the house for me and, I've been thinking.

Perhaps a side order of mashed potatoes and gravy, would be great with that dish!

Do you suppose, all the negative ions accompanying a typhoon, could drive folks a bit crazy?

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