Friday, October 21, 2016

It''s Always a Festive Season in Okinawa

Hope the Island Don't Tip Over

Starting tonight, I'll be out and about, day and night, with the cameras.

Just a quick peek at some of the events will be posted and, I'm gone.

If you don't hear from me in awhile, that just means I'm too busy to blog.

Japanese poster, live concert, bands, bellydancer

Promptly at 6:30 PM this Live Concert kicks off in Kin Town Active Park.

A bellydancer, guy in a hula hoop and a few bands are performing.

You know, I have to be there for the belly gal and, the guy I just call Conehead-san.

We've crossed paths, a few times before  and, he's sort of a hero, to me.

Poster advertising an Okinawa movie from 1966

Here's a poster, promoting a film Okinawa, Back to 1966.

It's about Kudakajima, the island of the gods and, I'll probably miss the showing.

Flyer advertising movie and info about directors

This program, was under a stack of books, getting pressed for photography.

Oops, little did I know, the event takes place at 2 PM tomorrow.

Well, some of the folks, visiting for the Uchinanchu Festival, may want to attend.

Kin Town Matsuri

That poster, is still hiding, somewhere under a stack of books. I'll find it next week, maybe.

Anyhow, the festival goes Saturday and Sunday, this week.

Of special interest, Diamantes Band is playing, Sunday and, there will be fireworks.

What Could Tip an Island ?

Something, I heard a U.S. Congressman say once and, he could be smarter than, me.

Something like 5,000 extra people will be aboard Okinawa next week.

It's time for the once-every-five-years Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival.

Okinawans and their families, from around the globe, will be here celebrating.

It probably, won't have any effect on the slant of this big rock.

But, I'll be out there meeting them and partying, too. Who knows what could happen ?

6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival poster

Here's what will keep me busy, through the end of the month.

For details in several languages, including English, Check It Out.

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