Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Best Burger in Town -- Kin Para (きん ぱーらー) I Found Out Today

Things Just Happen to Me

The past week I've been busy shooting nightlife attractions, until the wee hours.

From this weekend on, I'll be more busy, doing festival photography.

Bar scenes, supermoons, gals prancing, in what looks like underwear, can wear a guy out.

So, I've been getting to the office, a bit later than normal and, skipping  breakfast.

Iced coffee keeps me going for awhile and, I forget about lunch, I'm so busy catching-up.

Around 2:30 this afternoon, I decided to go to town and find something to eat.

gif,chef cooking hamburgers on gas range

Chef Making a Kin Burger

Kin Para, is a fairly new restaurant and, I had never eaten here.

There were no customers waiting so, the guy let me shoot in the kitchen.

There are some small tables and chairs, to sit at but, I wanted a takeout order.

Coke, fries and double cheeseburger, picnic table, garden

It's blazing hot, for October. I hurried back, walking on the shady side of the street.

Sitting outside in the shade, looking at the rock garden, was where I wanted to be.

It's like 3:30 by now and the smell of that hamburger, got me drooling.

I decided to put the camera away. Noticing a cat watching me, the burger had to go, too.

They don't think nothing of stealing a starving man's lunch. Animals.

The few little, non-absorbent napkins, they give you around here, wouldn't work, for me.

So, I sat at my desk, where there's a box of tissues, that's supposed to be handy.

Japanese folks can eat a hamburger, out of that wax paper wrapping and, not make a mess.

Not me. I'd have cow drippings, splattering all over the room.

Well, I grab the hamburger and, started devouring it. It was terrific. Delicious !

Nobody else, around this town, makes hamburgers like that one.

Munching away, I hardly noticed the cholesterol, sliding down to my elbows. 

When, I was finished the desk looked kind of oily so, I wiped it clean with those tissues.

For now, I'm designating the Kin Burger the best in Kin Town.

Where Is this Place?

Well, I'm trying to get it on Google Maps but, it's so new, it ain't there, yet.

Menu sign at Kin Para restaurant, outdoors

Late afternoon wasn't a good time to photograph, the sign outside the establishment.

So, I might go back over tomorrow morning, to get a better shot of it.

By then, it may be on the map, as well and, I'll do a review.

Meanwhile Check These Places Out

Girls working at a bar named Zone

And the Zone is a place famous for spicy BBQ chicken and hot women !

Time to go now. I think, I just heard a cold beer calling me !

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