Friday, October 28, 2016

Really a Small World -- Part II of 2016 Uchinanchu Parade

Grandpa What Are You Doing ?

Well, I was as surprised, to see her as, she was to see me.

Number one granddaughter knows, I don't drive but, there I was in Naha.

Way up above the crowds, where someone my age probably, shouldn't be.

Two Japanese girls, standing below on the street

She's nineteen years old and, going to some beauty school in the big city.

She shows up and, I can't get down, to hug her, like I normally do.

Grandpa's working, can't see she the two big cameras, hanging off my neck ?

Kids grow up too fast. I remember, when I used to have to, wipe her butt.

Now, she laughs at me because, I don't know how to swipe those new cellular phones.

Back to the Parade

Tonight, I developed some images, to show the different countries involved in this event.

Again, they are in the marching order, they came down the street.  Not, alphabetical.

Guam banner and people marching in parade


Canadian group marching down Kokusai Street, Naha, Okinawa


Argentina citizens at Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Parade


Peru flags and parade participants


Bolivia in 2016 Uchinanchu Parade, Naha, Okinawa


Many more countries, banners, flags and groups of citizens were here.

So far, camera number one, has been screened and photos developed.

Whether there will be a Part III and IV depends on availability of time for processing.

Meanwhile, dozens of images may be seen in the Facebook album.

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