Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Shoes Just in Time for the Typhoon

yellow flip-flops tied together

Typhoon Chaba's Gonna Smack Us

One of my always-thoughtful-daughters, got me these brand new flip-flops.

Shima zori, is what this type of footwear gets called around here.

All the girls know, I'm easy to please. Buy me shima zori or Orion Beer, nothing else.

She's up to something, I'm thinking or, she wouldn't have bought me two pairs.

This morning, I carried on set to work and, left the other pair at home.

With all the walking I do, a pair only lasts me about a month.

Brand new shima zori are safe, to walk around with, in the rain. You don't slip and slide.

Once the treads wear down, the things can be real dangerous on wet pavement.

White lines, painted along the highway and crosswalks get slippery.

When the bottoms of my flip-flops got slick, I used to throw them away but, I don't anymore.

Some grandsons got caught arguing over an old pair one day.

So, I got orders to bring all my worn out shima zori home, for the boys.

The women probably, think they want the old stuff, just because it' grandpa's.

The truth be known, I'd bet they're using them to slide down the big hill behind their house.

Flip-Flop Conspiracy 

Notice that plastic fastener holding the shima zori pair together.

That is some of the toughest material money can buy. It's practically unbreakable.

The only way, to separate those flip-flops is, use a knife or scissors.

There are so many people coming up with conspiracy theories, I think it's my turn, now.

The Chinese folks, making those things are going to invade Europe, someday.

And, there's one country, over there, where people aren't too intelligent.

Prisoners of war, won't be able to escape, wearing those shoes, as leg irons.

Well, they might try but, they would be real easy to re-capture, running in them.

It may be against the law, to poke fun at some other nationality, so I won't mention it.

Here's a hint. It starts with a "P" and, it ain't Paraguay.

weather map, Typhoon Chaba, screenshot

Typhoon Chaba

This screenshot was swiped from Pacific Stars and Stripes, today.

It's looking like, we may have some 150-190 mile an hour winds heading our way.

The last time, we got whacked by a typhoon that strong, it snapped telephone poles in half.

So if, you don't hear from me tomorrow it just means, I took a day off. Don't panic.

When the winds die down, I'll be out with the camera and my flip-flops.

If I get a chance, I'll go sliding down the hill with the grandsons, too !

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