Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nanjo City Tourism Rocks !

Japanese and English tourism map

Little Things They Do to Assist Travelers



The best travel information office, I've seen, on the island is located here.

Every now and then, I visit, to see if they have any new materials, written in English language.

This map, I've seen before but, I always check, to see if anything has been updated.

Bingo!  They drew a red line around the border of Nanjo City.

It's the first time I ever noticed, the place is in the shape of a heart.

Much more than a map written in Japanese and English, it's a complete guide, to everything.

They list driving tours, walking tours, historical, cultural and beach tours.

You can find restaurants, booze, gas stations, ATM's, athletic parks and cafes.

If, you drive one of those electric autos, you can find quick-charging stations, too.

The map, unfolded, is larger than two, big MAC desktops, side by side.

So, I didn't photograph it open; go get your own. They're free.

Stuff, I Like that Isn't Free


It always pays, to walk around in the gift shop, to see what's available.

Tourist trap prices, aren't for me but, there are exceptions.

Plastic document protector in English, Japanese and Uchinaguchi

A plastic document protector, like this may be worth 10 yen; 10 for a dollar, let's say.

This cost about a buck but, look what it says. It's Japanese and English.

From this, you can learn some basic Okinawa language (Uchinaguchi) if, you want.

Catch of the Day



Book cover, The Shaman in Ryukyu Kingdom by Tadashi Teruya

On a camera trip, I never bring along my reading glasses; I had help here.

The professor, who does all the driving, was wearing his spectacles and, spotted this gem.

It's a rare occasion, that finds me, reading a book from cover to cover, before going to work.

That's what happened today and, get this - The author claims it's a children's book !

Maybe, I'm still young a heart but, it got me all fired-up !

Part legend, part history and, it's going to have me on the road again, doing research.

This looks like another folk story that needs some photography, to go along with it.

The author, also made the sketches accompanying his text and, they are works of art.

So far, I haven't had any luck with the ISBN 978-4-9906737-4-1.

Maybe, try Google Japan or, arrange the numbers differently than, what I copied off the book.

For sure, copies may still be available at the gift shop. Click the link above.

If any of my followers, know Tadashi Teruya, let him know, I want to meet him.

And, buy him some beers.

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