Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More Animations from Kin Town Special Concert

A Busy Weekend

It began Friday night in the park, just in front of Seventailz, a fancy name for a nightclub.

Catching up may take me a week or, two. Many images are awaiting processing.

There were three or four memorable performances, one being belly dancers.

Performer spinning inside a large hoop, night scene, festival

A little too large, to be called a hula hoop, I'm not sure what this may be.

The crowd enjoyed this number and, the belly dancers seemed to like it, too.

They were back inside the tent, clapping and smiling.

That guy, spinning around, was blocking my view.  Just kidding.

If you had an applause meter that night, I bet, this act, got the loudest claps.

Band and singer performing Please Mr. Postman on stage

This band, was performing the 1961 tune, Please Mr. Postman.

One guy, from the audience, couldn't hold himself back and, wanted to get in the act.

Who knows.  Maybe, he's a retired postal worker !

In the pending files, there must be another few hundred photos, waiting for me.

The dude, with the pointed hairdo, will have to wait for awhile longer.

His photos, deserve special attention and, I'll post some at a later date.

The Worldwide Uchinanchu events, kickoff tomorrow, starting with a parade in Naha. 

Something tells me, there won't be much, getting done around the office, this week.


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