Monday, October 17, 2016

Last Night's Supermoon -- Animation and a Word About Cats

Clouds in night sky as moon rises

The Scene at 6:34 PM



Conveniently located three flights of stairs above my office is the roof of the building.

Moonrise was supposed to happen at 6:18 PM and, I was ready.

About 5:30, I grabbed a tripod and the Pentax, to set them up early.

Looking out to the east, I was disappointed when seeing the thick cloud layer out at sea.

Not used to this location, I wasn't sure, where the moon would appear if, it did at all.

They say, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. That's kind of spooky.

So, when I started thinking about spitting on cats, walking down the street, I had to get busy.

I'm not real fond of stray cats but, don't want cat people getting mad at me.

So, I started shooting buildings, bugs and birds, through 700MM of lens.

Once, I even ran back down the stairs and grabbed some coffee out of my fridge.

When the cats, see me coming, they run, too. I like cat people better than cats.

They are responsible for the design of tuna fish cans, I believe.

Whenever I eat canned tuna, I like to lick the can clean, with my tongue.

If those cans had sharp edges, you could wind-up bleeding all over the place.

The tuna people know, the cat people, would take them to court over bleeding cats.

So, that's why, I think cat people are alright. Still, I'm not crazy about cats.

Back to the Moon

As the sun set behind me, fast moving black clouds, started showing up.

The moon, would appear and disappear several times, during the hour, I was up there.

GIF, clouds and full moon

Nobody wants photos of the full moon, with clouds covering half of it, I'm sure.

Having the camera, locked in position, made creation of this GIF, easy.

Seven images, shot between 6:43 and 6:51, were used to make it.

Then, I saved the supermoon images, I liked best and, threw the other 50 away.

Out in the garden, I placed some leftovers, for the stray cats to eat.

And, called it a day !

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