Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Cherry Blossom Report #3 With Photos

It's a Good Thing We Don't Get Paid for This



People would expect us to go places, according to some sort of a plan.

Mt. Yaedake, is already almost in full bloom but, the weather took a turn on us.

Lanterns line a road going up mountain

Doc and I, decided to head south today, instead of north.

Once we get away from the wives, we're pretty much, our own bosses. So, that's what we do.

We went to Yaese Castle Ruins, to see how the sakura, are coming along down that way.

cherry blossoms at a castle
This was the first cherry blossom I spotted.

So, I shot a quick image, just in case there weren't any more.

sakura, cherry blossoms

There isn't really any money to be made chasing sakura but, we do it anyway.

We got plenty of exercise, climbing that hill.

cherry blossoms at Yaese Castle

The place is ready for the 8th Yaese Sakura Matsuri and it's lighted at night.

cherry blossoms

The flowers just don't always cooperate with the town's schedule.

cherry blossoms

An unscientific guess, would be maybe, 10% or less, of the blossoms have opened.

cherry blossoms

If you don't like crowds of people around you, now would be the best time to go.

blossoming cherry tree

To catch a lot of cherry blossoms here, maybe you could wait a week or, two.

Motubu's Mt. Yaedake is the best place to view sakura blossoms at this time.

But, along with all those flowers, you will see lots of crowds, too.

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