Thursday, January 16, 2014

15 Photos of the January 2014 Mini Full Moon with a Pentax K3

Full Moon

There were some serious, black clouds in the sky last night.

full moon

They called this one the mini moon because it's the smallest one we'll see this year.

The first time it peeked through the clouds, I shot it. These three photos were taken at 7:10PM.

full moon with clouds

 Normally, I wouldn't bother shooting cloudy moon pictures.

But, you never know. The moon might have never showed, again. And, It doesn't hurt to practice.

full moon and clouds

 The black clouds rolled-in and, I was sure we would lose sight of the moon, again.

full moon almost covered with clouds

 The two images above, were taken at 7:11PM.

full moon partially cloudy

The moon didn't come out from behind the clouds, again, until 7:15.

full moon peeks through clouds

There must be a mule, somewhere, in my family tree.

Because, I can get stubborn. I stood out there on HWY329, freezing.

full moon and clouds

Every chance I got, I fired, three quick shots, using burst mode.

Because, I could see more clouds, blowing in, fast.

full moon covered by clouds

Look what happened at 7:16PM !

full moon as clouds pass

The stubborninity started to payoff at 7:23.

full moon clear of clouds

Chances were, I might never get to see the moon any better than this.

bright full moon

So, me and the camera went Click, Click, Click.

clear full moon

Clouds, wind, fire, cold and trucks, shaking the highway, couldn't stop me.

enlarged full moon

 The smallest full moon of the year was what I went out to get.

detailed image of full moon

This just turned out to be one of my favorite images.

motion GIF of full moon

Kinda cool, what Google+ AutoAwesome does for you, too !

All 15 photos above were made with the Pentax K3 and a Sigma 50-500 lens at 360mm.

More about shooting the moon may be seen in my PHOTO TIPS

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