Thursday, January 16, 2014

Relatively Wordless: Here's A Ryukyu Inu Photo

Ryukyu Inu, an Okinawa dog

Photos - Google+ Is Amazing



Maybe, I should visit there more often.

That's how I found out, this Ryukyu Inu got almost 500 views.

The January Full Moon Is Tonight



There are a few holes in the clouds, from time to time.

 I've been checking the skies, throughout the day, making plans for tonight's photography.

If it's the smallest full moon of the year, I might just get a chance to shoot it.

Usually, I shoot from in front of my office.

But, tonight, I figured out a location, out back, where I can be sheltered from the wind.

The sun is ready to go down, any minute, now.

Camera , lens and tripod, are all set to go.

Somebody, across the street, behind my house, decided it was time to start a fire.

It could be, he's burning trash, leaves, used car tires or, his mother-in-law.

So, that's why I'm relatively speechless, tonight.

See more about the Ryukyu Inu dogs of Okinawa:

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