Monday, January 6, 2014

Travel Photo: The Striker for a Buddhist Bell

close up image of bell striker

Close-up View of the Business End



This should you give an idea of what is used to ring the bell at shrines over the New Year.

Doing some research on the temples and shrines, proved interesting.

A survey done by the government of Japan discovered this in 2002:

Total persons, registered as Shinto followers at shrines: 106 million

Total persons, registered as followers at Buddhist temples:  95 million

The total population of Japan at the time:  120 million

When you add 106 to 95, it comes out to something like 201 million. Right ?

The explanation for this discrepancy, may be found in Japanese Buddhism Today.

Or, you can take my word for it. Some people practice both religions.

Another little goodie, I found for you is this video.

Some people get classes on how to ring the bell loudly !

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