Wednesday, January 15, 2014

10 Photos of Treasures Found in Itoman, Okinawa Today

wooden sabani boat in museum

Itoman Uminchu Koubou



That is the name of this place. Roughly translated: The Fisherman's Art and Craft Center.

history of fishing display, museum

The building is stocked full with history of the Itoman fisherman's equipment.

tools and equipment depict Okinawa fishing through the ages

I've been to this town 100's of times, over the past 30 years, or so.

ship's wheel and srtifacts in fishing museum

It was the first time, I'd ever been in this building so, I went crazy with the cameras.

model saling ships displayed in museum

They let me go anywhere I wanted and photograph, everything so, that's what I did.

models of sailing sabani boats

 The sailing sabani (サバニ) boats are really, what I'm most interested in.

hand-crafted sabani boat

They build the boats, by hand, in a portion of this attraction. I want to learn.

straw hats worn by fishermen

See the difference between those three hats ?  I want to know about them, too.

wooden bucket display

Old wooden buckets, I'm not sure what they were used for. Maybe fish bait ?

shark specimens in museum

They have some mean-looking shark specimens on display, too.

So, once I get all the images processes from the three cameras, I took, I'll be going back.

This place is better than a museum of natural history.  It's a goldmine !

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