Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shrines and Temples in Okinawa Day and Night

10 Photos from New Year's Day 2014

Torii and lanterns at Shrine entrance

New Year's Day the sun shined down beautifully and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

side view of shrine buildings, tiled roofs

Never one to complain, I looked around for some clouds to help me.

At the time of the day we were out shooting, the light was fairly challenging.

New Year's fortunes tied to rope

So, I sneaked-off into the shade to shoot these fortunes.

The whole first week of the new year, people swarm to the Temples and Shrines.

After a while,  deciding the sun was to bright at some of them, we came up with a plan.

The Map It Okinawa Dude and I planned to do some night shooting.

shrine illuminated at night

We were at this small shrine, out in the country, in the afternoon.

The shadows and light were so horrible, I threw the images away, to save my reputation !

Lucky for us, a pretty gal came along and told us the place would be open at night.

Temple and shrine lighting at night

 Nobody else, came along after dark, so I had plenty of time to use slow shutter speed.

unusual shrine bell

 They didn't have one of those big bells, you ring with a log.

Did you know, they ring those things 108 times, for the vices of man ?

Well, I rang this one, just 3 times.  Don't try to guess why.

night scene at major temple

Next, we went to a real busy place in Nago City.

 It's a little tricky taking photos when lots of people are moving around.

girls at shrine selling fortunes

So, I took a break and bought some trinkets, for good luck.

white lantern at shrine, lighted

And, I got enlightened.

night scene of paper lanterns leading to shrine

Quit shooting, where people are moving around and, aim higher !

This is the view looking down the street from (護佐喜御宮) the temple in Nago,   

also known as, MamoruTasukuki Omiya.

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