Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nisshudo Cave in Kin Town is Where It's At (15 Photos)

Entrance, Ticket office, Cave

The Starting Point


The day began here.  When I asked if I could tour the caves with a camera.

That's how I discovered I needed to make an appointment.

Year of the Horse, Sake bottles

 2PM was the next available tour so, I said I'd be back.

Sake bottle display

Arriving early, I shot some photos of sake bottles, to kill time.

I figured there would be a big crowd of tourists.

Taking photos in a cave, with people moving around, isn't much fun.

Entrance to cave

But, I got lucky. Nobody else showed up.

stairs and ladders within cave

It got me thinking, if the gal who drove me would leave, I could have the whole place to myself.

She flipped on the light switch and left, saying, "Come back this way when you're done."

Maybe, that's because, I think too loud.

Sake stored within cave

All by myself, down there I went.

stairs and railings going down into cave

Man, I was happier than a kid turned loose in a toy store.

Cool temperatures ideal for sake storage and aging

They have more sake bottles stored in there than anyplace I've ever been.

hundreds of sake bottles on shelves

It would be a good idea to go back and ask them, how many are kept in there.

Thousands of sake bottles aging

Thousands, would be my guess.

Sake bottles labeled with owner's names and date stored

Maybe, there are tens of thousands.  I don't really know.

But, I know I fall asleep just singing 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

So, you really don't want to see me count sake bottles.

coins offered at a small shrine within cave

One spot in the caves, had a place where people left offerings of coins.

stairs leading out of cave

That made me remember, I needed to find a coffee machine so, back up, I went.

Deep within cave

You could get lost in there, if you don't follow the arrows on the floor.

stone marker outside cave entrance

The gal who drove me there was sweeping the cave entrance when I returned.

So, I told her to take her time and shot this sign on the way back out.

This cave, I've photographed and written about before at CNN Travel and TripAdvisor.

But, today's excursion, was through a part I have never seen before.

There will be plenty coming on this gem of a cave.

I have to go back and get all the information and, shoot some more.

It's only a few minutes walk, from my office !


Going Down How I Gotter Dun.  You Can Getter Dun Too

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