Friday, January 31, 2014

Yellow Angel's Trumpets in Kin Town (Photos)

This Plant Became a Tree

It's Chinese New Year's Day where I'm living.

Walking the back roads to my office, I spotted these flowers in someone's yard.

It was early afternoon and the sun was shining a little too brightly for my comfort.

So, I planned on taking the cameras over there sometime after 3PM.

Flowers,tree, Angel's Trumpets

It's not nice to just walk into somebody's yard and start shooting their plants.

So, I stayed out in the driveway and used my zoom lens.

Out came the owner of the house, probably wondering what some old geezer was doing.

I had to think quick. 

Flowers, tree, Angel's Trumpets

 Happy Lunar New Year, is a good way to get started, I figured.

Then, I asked if I could shoot those pretty flowers.

It worked, I got to go inside !

Flower, Angel's Trumpet

 By 6PM my photos were all processed.

The Fiji Film guy had this one printed for me and, I went back and delivered it to the owner.

The whole family was gathered around some tables.

They may have been celebrating the Chinese New Year, too.

I thanked them for allowing me to take the photos.

When I asked, no one knew the name of the plant but, I told them not to worry.

It's something I could research online.

Brugmansia suaveolens, is something I've seen before. It's called Angel's Trumpet.

For those who wish to read in Japanese, I found a link for this flowering plant:

Useful Resources for Angel's Trumpets

Sub-tropical Flowers in Okinawa p112  ISBN4-9901917-3-0

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