Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Excellent Fortune at the Kin Temple Today

Temple in Kin Town, Okinawa


Kin Kannon Temple JAN 4, 2014


This afternoon the skies were looking good over my neighborhood.

With one camera, a tripod and wide angle lens, I decided to go shooting.

The temple wasn't overly busy so, after a few clicks of the shutter, up the stairs, I went.


All Shrines Don't Have the Same Rituals



The good thing about being a cameraman is you get time to stand back and observe.

There are different sects of Buddhism and sometimes you may be at a Shinto shrine.

With as many places as I go, things can get confusing.

Now, I don't want to make a fool of myself at somebody's house of worship.

So, I get myself a refresher course before I go up there.

Watch and See What the Old People Do



That's what I do.  Next, I just pretend I am one of them.

At the top of the stairs, I bowed and looked like I was praying and tossed a coin.

Then, reached in a box and pulled out my fortune.

This One's a Keeper



It's right here, in my office and, I'll quote some of it to you:

"Given time, the cherryblossoms on the hillside, which seemed to have been withered, begin to
bloom and smell sweet."

"Your Fortune:  Excellent

In the beginning your fortune is not good like a cold winter, but later it is getting better and better like spring comes."

It goes on about advising me on certain areas of my life.


Wishes: Will be fulfilled later

Expected Visitor: He or she is sure to come, even if late

Business:  Take your time

Study:  All right.  Continue studying

Game and match:  Depend on your partner or team mates

Illness:  Don't worry.  Be faithful

Love:  Be faithful to your lover


Missing Thing:  It will fall into other hands

Travel:  Little profit.  Something bad may happen on your way home

Speculation: The market is fluctuating now.  It's time to wait


Childbirth:  Keep regular hours

Marriage proposal:  At first it seems not to go well, but later it will be settled


Now, I'm pretty satisfied with the fortune I threw my coin in there for and, I
usually don't go around poking fun at any governments or religions.

But, I just have to say something about that Crazy Stuff.

Maybe some sensors, in those steps, need to be adjusted, for the fortune telling.

For sure, I thought, I did everything according to the book.

Darned if I can figure out what went wrong.

Do you think, I waddled up the stairs like some kind of pregnant, unwed mother ?

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