Monday, January 20, 2014

Have Some Fun After Your Cat Dies

Here's What We Did



One day, RyukyuRusty came by with one of those dead cat stories.

Well, there's no sense in crying over dead cats. Get rid of the thing.

Don't get another one, either.  It will die, too.

But, you shouldn't waste the dead cat's food.  Find a hungry cat to give it to.

Bring along a camera and tripod.

black cat eating by bicycle

Set everything up and wait for some action to happen.

black cat and bicycle

Rusty and the Map It Okinawa dude went climbing trails in the woods.

black cat and bicycle

Sometimes, I find other ways to entertain myself.

Just put the camera on burst mode and fire away.

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

black cay and bicycle, cat has head in bag

And, if that cat would have eaten all that food, it would be no problem.

black cat eating from bag by bicycle

There was another bag up in the bicycle basket.

If you don't feel like having fun after your cat dies, send the food over my way. 

Auto Awesomenator makes my day !

motion GIF, black cat eating from bag by bicycle

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