Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Cherry Blossom, Spider and a Contest

Not Far From Home



Within the lower city limits of Nago, Okinawa this blossom surprised me.

So, I guess we could say this is Cherry Blossom Report #2.

cherry blossom, flower

An abandoned road, the jungle is reclaiming, is where this was found.

Whenever you see me take off my flip-flops and wear hiking shoes, it's rough country.

This is probably not a place you would want to go flower viewing.

black, red and yellow spider in web

Sometimes, you run across spiders, that look like they could chew your head off.

Spiders don't scare or, surprise me, out there.

It's those sticky webs, that can get all over you, that get me growling.

The spiders just run away.

The Contest


This was saved for last just to keep some people reading.

It's not my contest but, I got invited to participate as a blogger and photographer.

Sponsored by Kerala Tourism there's a chance, I could go to India.

Maybe, I should check all my email accounts daily.

Yesterday, I discovered my two day old invitation and, went and signed-up.

This morning, I had an acceptance email and created a contest profile.

screenshot, contest entry

Immediately, after that, I sent a message to a good friend in India.

Then, off to shoot stuff with the cameras, all day, we went.

When I got back, I had one vote and, some news from my friend.

There's no tigers (in the wild) in the state of Kerala. They only have them in zoos. Groan.

That's not my style, shooting animals in cages.

There must be all sorts of wildlife in Kerala, I could shoot, though.

So, if you still want me to go, just VOTE. And, if I'm one of the winners, I'll make you a promise.

If a tiger escapes while I'm in the neighborhood, I'll shoot it for you !

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