Friday, January 24, 2014

Nago Mountain Cherry Blossoms at Night and a Tip

Sakura Report #4



These 10 photos should give you an idea how the little pink flowers are doing.

Last night we grabbed the cameras and went to all the way to the top of the hill.

Orion Beer lantern at night, Nago Mountain, Cherry Blossoms

My favorite brewery, provided lanterns to light up the stairway.

night scene of stage and illuminated stairs at Nago Mountain

The Nago City Sakura Matsuri, begins tomorrow.

THe festival tents and stage are set up and ready for business.

Stone lanterns glow, on both sides of the path, leading to the shrine above.

lighted stone lanterns line stairway

 It's a fairly steep climb so, I took my time and shot lots of photos.

close up lantern with night cityscape background

 There may have been a grand total, of about five people, on the mountain while we visited.

So, I had plenty of time to play with different photo compositions.

Nago City at night

Nago City, doesn't look the same, when you're up there in the dark.

shrine and torii at top of Nago Mountain, night scene

 This is the shrine at the top of the mountain.

The trail to the left was lighted by lanterns so, I went down there, too.

Before long, there were no more lights and, it got really dark.

So, I decided  to go back down the stairs, I used to get up there.

And, I remembered to shoot a few cherry blossoms, too.

sakura flowers at night

 It can be cold and windy up in the mountains during sakura season.

cherry blossoms at night

 So, I used the light from those Orion Beer lanterns to my advantage.

Travelers Tip


Some people go to these events for the festivities.

Stuff like food, drinks, entertainment and mingling with the crowds is alright.

If you want the most enjoyable experience, viewing the flowers, wait.

A week or, two later is when they'll really be blooming !

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