Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beautiful Flowers in the Rain and Other Crap

Yellow, Chinese Mustard plant, rain

Little Wet Weather Doesn't Dampen My Spirits



It was a great day to practice shooting wet flowers.

Out behind the office, I was taking photos of this, whatever plant, in the rain.

Later on in the morning Map It Okinawa came by and we went looking for caves.

pink hibiscus, flower, rain

While he explored some trail, I decided wasn't flip-flop friendly, I shot these hibiscus.

red hibiscus flower in rain

The hibiscus ought to be Okinawa's state flower; they bloom all the time, year round.

hibiscus flower in rain

They hold up to the raindrops pretty well, too and, make nice photos.

All you have to do is time your shots and wait for the wind to stop blowing.

And, get a little wet.

cave ceiling, bat droppings

We got lucky and found this cave, more research needs to be done on.

What I did here was sit down on the floor and shoot the ceiling for you to see.

Now, I have to figure out how to get the bat crap off my trousers before I go drinking tonight.

PS:  Don't forget, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and, the date of this month's Full Moon.

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