Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When It Rains in Okinawa -- Go Eat Pigs !

Tropical Islands Can Be Tricky



The sun was shining as we left Kin Town for Ginoza this morning.

Just like any other island in the world, the weather can make sudden changes.

trees, firewood,stumo

The remnants of a tree photo, was taken before it really started pouring down.

Pentax camera, tripod mounted, in rain

 The Pentax K3, didn't mind getting wet.  But, I do.

outside dining area, oicnic tables

 We decided, cave hunting, could wait for another day and ended up here.

Tonga Burger, made of pork, restaurant
This is where the Village of Ginoza has everybody beat.

When you go to this Tonga place and order a burger, it's authentic.

How do people get away with calling things hamburgers, when they are made of beef ?

A Tonga Burger is made of pork.

takeout meals, pork

Today, I decided to try this Bu-Tan's meals, run by the same folks as Tonga.

display, classic car and surfing pig

After I placed my order, I noticed this little display and, had to shoot it.

pork cutlet, tray, soup, salad, rice

Pork cutlet, soup, salad and rice was just what I needed.

Everything was delicious so I told the gal cooking, this is a Five Star Restaurant.

pink pig mobile, Tonga Moblie, pork

Just before we departed, this pink Tonga-mobile showed up.

Too bad, I didn't snap some photos while the engine was still running.

It has a curly pig tail that wiggles on the back end.

parking lot scene, pink pig mobile

Wouldn't you love a machine like that ?

The next time I see this beauty, I'll have them leave the engine running.

The Auto Awesome folks could do something like this butterfly thing they made for me.

butterfly and vegetation, Motion GIF

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