Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 The Year of the Horse Started Today

So Happy New Year Again !



Really, I'm not much into astrology or anything like that.

But, this is Okinawa and we believe in celebrating every chance we get.

Year of Horse, Lunar New Year poster

This poster was in the window of the Nisshudo Cave ticket office.

It was a lot easier to get a photo of than, a real horse so, I shot it for you.

A Little Explanation is Required


The Chinese New Year started on January 31, 2014.

The Year of the Horse started February 4, 2014.

Don't ask how many bars I went to, trying to decipher this for you but, I gotterdun.

Out there beating the bushes and buying drinks, I bet I talked to 100 people.

Most of them don't know or, even care why the new year started on two different dates.

It was starting to make me think that way, too. Don't ask questions; just celebrate.


Blame All the Confusion on Chinese Astrologers



The lunar calendar, was developed by astronomers not, those other quacks.

So, every once in awhile, instead of having a Leap Year, the Chinese have a Leap Month.

That makes perfectly good sense, to me.

The Astrologers use yin-yang, 12 animals and five elements to do their witching.

The New Year began on the 31st of last month.

But, the first day of the horse, wasn't until today so, it's the start of the Year of the Horse.

For those who really want to study this sort of stuff, here's a link.

Not wanting to offend anyone, it all makes perfectly good nonsense, to me.

So, once again, Happy New Year.

I think I'll go grab a beer !

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