Friday, February 28, 2014

Yomitan -- Japan's Most Populated Village !

Who Would Have Thought ?



Today we spent some time on the other coast of Okinawa, getting lost in Yomitan Village.

They have lots of old things, like the UNESCO Zakimi Castle and Museum.

But, there's new stuff, too.

UNESCO Zakimi Castle,Yomitan,Okinawa

Did you know, they have been lighting the castle walls up, at night ?

Apparently,  they started turning on the lights, from 6-9PM, since DEC 2013.

The place will be illuminated, at night, until MAR 13, 2014.

So, I may sneak over there sometime next week and do some night shooting.

The lighting, is to celebrate, becoming the most populated village, in all of Japan.

And, it doesn't cost anything to go in there.

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