Sunday, February 16, 2014

Significance of the Okinawa Sailing Sabani Trophy

The Cup Awarded to the Winning Team



This photo was taken last June at the end of the Zamami to Okinawa Sailing Sabani Race.

The sun was setting behind me and I was wrestling with glare, trying to take the shot.

"Sir Peter Blake Memorial" is inscribed on the plaque.

Sir Peter Blake, trophy, cup,Sabani Sailing Race

A recent invitation to attend the race, again this year prompted me to do some research.

Everyone knows Peter Blake was from New Zealand and won the America's Cup for sailing.

But, I didn't realize the significance of this trophy, until today.

He began sailing when he was five years old.

In his lifetime, he probably, broke more sailing records than anyone in the history of the world.

That includes, sailing completely, around the world.

They just don't make sailors like Sir Peter Blake, anymore.

Why There's a Memorial

In December of 2001, he was shot dead by pirates, in Brazil.

The criminals got caught and went to jail but, I think we should let them out.

That would only be on one condition.

They would have to volunteer to let someone take them out in the ocean.


More About Sir Peter Blake

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