Saturday, February 22, 2014

It was Sort of Like a City Folks Hoedown

Not Just Women Dancing with Horses



There were a dozen or so, gals in kimonos, dancing with wooden, hobby horse looking things.

Back in the good old days, I bet they were riding real horses.

Equines are probably forbidden now, at the Juri-uma Parade because it's within the city limits.

But, they had other gals, doing folk dances, that any country boy would enjoy.

folk dancing on stage

 Some of them came out on the stage hootin' and hollerin' barefooted.

traditional dance Okinawa

 They were smiling, stomping their feet and, swinging those blades.

Okinawa folk dance

Just when you think, it can't get no better than this, it does.

Ryukyu dance
The gal in charge of those with sickles and sticks, got them all off the stage.

dancing with hoes

And here's where the real hoedown stuff begins.

dancing with hoes

These girls were barefoot, smiling and dancing, too.

dancing with hoes

But, they were swinging some pretty authentic looking hoes.

Tell me, that don't remind you of a good old country hoedown !

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