Friday, February 14, 2014

Black Chocolate Is Good for Your Health

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All the sweethearts in Japan should be buying this stuff for their men.

Usually, I forget about Valentine's Day, because guys don't have to buy gifts until next month.

Last night, I got a surprise when I went home.

Black Chocolate candy bar, health, Japan

The #1 gal, in my house, gave me a pile of these.

Well, I heard rumors about the benefits of black chocolate so, I checked it out.

And, found six good reasons to eat it, at

It keeps your heart in good shape.

Helps your brain.

Prevents some diabetes.

May prevent some cancers and keep you from getting old, too fast.

You could use it as a cough medicine.

And, it can keep you from getting high blood pressure or, having a stroke.

Read That Article and All the Comments


It may be a long Valentine's Day because the full moon is supposed to show tonight.

Mrs. RyukyuMike, knows, I get home late when I'm out shooting the moon.

And, she also understands, some of the other sweethearts know, I like beer !

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