Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hakugindo Shrine in Itoman Today (Photo)

Sabani Boats Paraded in Itoman Okinawa Today

Man paddling traditional sabani sailing boat

One of my favorite shots was this one.

It was taken with the Pentax K3, while I was rocking and rolling in another boat.

view of torii above steps leading to Hakugindo Shrine

After paddling the sabani boats the through the harbor we visited this shrine.

Prayers and offerings were made and the boats were paddled back to where they started.

It was a fairly exciting day and, I even got to do some paddling.

And the people of Itoman City are friendly.

But, when they invited me to party with them afterwards, I had to decline.

There are about 100 images, I still have to develop.

My camera and tripod already had their showers and now it's time for me to get mine !

There is an Album on Facebook if you want to see more from today's event.

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