Monday, February 17, 2014

Cosmos Flowers Are Blooming in Kin Town

field of blossoming cosmos, flowers

Grab the Cameras and Shoot Them Quick



Last week when we first spotted fields full of them it was raining.

The next time the sun shines on Okinawa, I have to hurry and get out there.

cosmos, flowers, blossoming

Farmers, plant those colorful flowers in the rice fields.

They must put something good in the soil or, remove something bad.

One of these days, I'll ask them why they do it.

But, I know, at a certain point, all the flowers will be gone and rice will be planted.

field of cosmos flowers in bloom
Last night when I walked in the door at home, the wife said she just got there, too.

She was unwrapping a huge pile of these cosmos she got from Igei, in Kin Town.

The wife says, "They were giving them away, for free."

Knowing Mrs. RyukyuMike, that could simply mean, nobody was looking when she took them.

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