Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Photos from a Two Hour Flower Walk

Irresistible Sunshine Made Me Do It



It all started with this card that came in the mail, sometime over the weekend.

The wife translated it.  Your books are a month overdue at the library.

That happens to me all the time.  I only use them to identify flowers.

yellow flower
The Missus says take the books on Monday when the Kin Town Library is closed.

That way, you just put them in a drop box and don't have to see anybody.


I'd rather wait until Tuesday and apologize by saying, "Gomen nasai."

yellow flowers

About 11 this morning, I grabbed my overdue flower books and a camera.

There's no telling what these yellow flowers are, I just shot them.

And, returned the flower books, without ever trying to find out what they were.

white and yellow flowers

After leaving the library, I decided to take a long walk and shoot lots of flowers.

No tripod was used, just a prime lens and awesome sunshine.

purple flowers, wisteria possibly

Whatever these purple things are, they're blooming everywhere.

Within a few days, I should have an identification on them, even if I have to ask somebody.

flowers, cosmos

Cosmos, I know them. They are blossoming everywhere, too.

cosmos, flowers

It's fun, trying to catch them when they're not getting blown by the wind.

red cosmos, flowers

These rascals are some more for my Pending ID Files.

That is, unless some helpful reader comes along and identifies them for me.

plum blossoms, flowers

These flowers, look an awful lot like plum blossoms, to me.

And, I'm not sure if it's early in the season or, they will be all gone soon.

It's not nice, to climb a fence and go on private property to take pictures of someone's flowers.

So, I've been thinking of taking some scissors and a big pair of tweezers, next time.

Something to poke through the fence so, I can take a sprig home.

purple iris, flower

This iris, is located, not far from my home.

It's a different breed than the ones that should be blooming soon, in Ogimi.

And, it looks more like a tiger than, a dragon, to me.

abstract, bright yellow building and staircase

Taking the back roads on my return trip to the office, I spotted this.

It's as bright as those first yellow flowers I came across.

How could a guy forget which house he lived in, if he had a paint job like that ?

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