Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cherry Blossoms and Orchids from Motobu Okinawa

Just a Few Flower Photos



It was good timing, hitting the highway early today.

The plan was to checkout a humongous cherry tree on the Motobu Peninsula.

Cherry Blossoms, tree, leaves, bark

When we got there, the green leaves were already sprouting.

And, pink flower petals are dropping to the ground.

Next, we were supposed to visit the International Orchid Show.

It's a great place to be when the rain starts falling. Tour buses know that, too.

So, we changed our plans and went to a museum, instead.

Orchids, pink,display,indoors, museum

They had some dandy, fresh orchids in the entrance-way.

So, I shot them for you.

Now, I feel a little guilty, about not taking photos at the Orchid Show.

But, I know how to fix everything.

We'll go back up there after the crowds of tourists leave.

Maybe, I can take my time and shoot some of those fancy flowers.

Or, get one of those gals who work there to show me what a wild Ryukyu Orchid looks like.

That way when we're out exploring caves and outer islands.....

I Could Shoot a Wild Thing for You !

More about probably, the oldest and largest cherry tree on this island.

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