Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 GIFs from a Shougakkou Sports Day in Okinawa

A Great Way to Spend a Sunday



A sports day at a Japanese school is called an Undokai.

This one took place at an elementary school (shougakkou) in Kin Town.

children doing gymnastics

Entire families, line the athletic field and picnic under tents.

Every time, I attend one of these events, they seem to come up with something new.

elementary school, relay race

Relay races are always part of an undokai.

Sometimes parents or, grandparents get involved in them, too.

children dancing with pom poms

The younger children danced with pom poms and put on quite a show.


Taking a sneak peek, I saw how a Chondara gets his face made-up.

That could come in handy if, I ever want to become a clown.

It was hot out there today but, we had a few sprinkles of rain to cool things off.

The best part of any Undokai, in Okinawa, is always the Eisa Dance.

As soon as my camera, let me know 64GBs of SD cards were full, I left the Undokai.

And, got back to the air-conditioned office.

While the batteries are recharging, I think I might go recharge myself, too !

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