Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today I Shot the Contractors Outside My Office

They've Been Making a Racket for Weeks



It's gotten to the point where a man can't sleep in a place where he pays rent.

Jackhammers and equipment that shake the whole building were at it again today.

It's possible to catch a little nap, when they break for lunch.

But, not the two hours of sleep, my body likes to take.

contractors,crane,huge cement block, hole in sidewalk

When they finally quit digging this big hole, I grabbed a tripod and camera.

Two humongous blocks were being lowered into the ground.

It seemed like a great opportunity to shoot some images for GIFs.

contractors, lowering huge cement block,truck,crane,hard hats

 They're really not a bad bunch of dudes. They are out there working in all kinds of weather.

By the end of the year, there won't be any more telephone poles or, wires on my street.

All the wires, you see in the sky, will be going underground.

construction,crane,workers,fence,hole in ground

At the end of each day, they place a safety fence around any holes they didn't refill.

This one, is right outside the gate, I use to go home.

After they made the place safe, I thanked them for letting me shoot.

The crane operator, wound up his cables and went home.

Then the rest of the gang, packed up their tools, hosed down the street and went home, too.

They'll probably be back, digging new holes, tomorrow.

It's going to be nice, when all the work is done.

No wires in the sky, is a cameraman's dream come true.

Maybe, I should buy some beers for those contractors, when they finally getterdun !

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