Friday, September 5, 2014

This Tree Must Be Photogenic

It Came as a Surprise

Goofing around a little past noon on the Island of Izena, I shot this dead tree along the beach.

The photo stayed in my pending files, along with few hundred more, waiting processing.

While developing on one computer, I catch up on social media stuff, on another.

beach, island,dead tree Izena

Well, I heard the Facebook thing, go BEEP.

And, when, I checked to see what the Zuckerberganator wanted, I found this tree.

A gal, Heidi shot an image at the same location and posted it while I was developing mine.

So, I let her know, we somehow, missed each other on the island.

  I told her, I would try to get my tree on the blog, that night. But, it didn't happen.

GIF,dead tree,bird,beach,egret,island
It took awhile for the Awesomenator to process the images, I shot the following night.

Now, I'm wondering. How many other people took photos of this dead tree ?

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