Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Selected Photos from the Kin Town Full Moon Festival

5 Motion GIFs Depicting Some of the Action



It would be impossible to show you all of the 1000 images taken last night.

These photos are an example of what you may have missed.

And, part of the reason, I decided to take photos locally, instead of traveling to another location.

dancers on stage at full moon festival

This stage was set-up just a few minutes walk away from my office.

There are probably 1,000 guests sitting down in front, who got cropped out of the photos.

Okinawan karate,costume,

At a shrine nearby, some offerings are made, before the sun goes down.

Off to one side, this gentleman, warms up.

He will be taking a shishimai (lion-dog) to the festival.


Just in case, you've never met a shishimai, here's what the look like.

Two very talented and, athletic individuals, are inside that hairy suit.

Don't ask, who's uncle is in the background. He just wanted to make an appearance.

So, everybody let him.

Eisa dancers on stage,festival

It wouldn't be a festival, without Eisa and these characters were good at it.

yellow kimonos,blue umbrellas, dance

The colors might not be coordinated in this scene but, it sure jumped out at me.

Now, I'm having a tough time deciding what color my next umbrella should be.

What do you think would look best ?

A blue or green umbrella, to replace the one I lost to the last typhoon.

Ya'll know, I'm usually wearing yellow flip-flops !

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