Friday, September 19, 2014

Green Grass Lizard Is What We'll Call It (GIF)

Outback Again Today



Aokanahebi(アオカナヘビ) is the Japanese name for this lizard.

Two sources helped me with the identification.

One, works at the Kin Town Office and, the other is a Park Ranger.

Takydromus smaragdinus, GIF

The weather was looking, sort of iffy so, I stayed close to the office today.

And, went out with the Pentax K3 and an 18-250mm lens.

When I called it a day, there were over 900 images of lizards in the camera.

Before, I officially,  declare this a Takydromus smaragdinus, I better check the books.

It's not wise, to put scientific names on critters and, be wrong.

So, whenever the little tropical storm were having, departs, I plan on going to the library.

Once, I confirm the name there, I may have another lizard to post here.

It's a different color but, could be a Green Grass Lizard, too.

Holy leapin' lizards, Batman. 

There may be an endangered species, living out there behind my office !

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