Saturday, September 13, 2014

7 More Motion GIFs from Kin Town's Harvest Moon Festival

parade,shishimai,costumed handler,conch shells, sanshin

A Procession to the Shrine



Before the sun went down and, prior to festivities on the stage some offerings are made.

The parade is fairly small but, noisy.

Village dignitaries, lead the ceremony, carrying items to be presented the spirits.

They are followed by the shishimai, handler, Miruku and a small band.

The music consists of some gongs, sanshin and folks blowing conch shells.

dark kimonos,red scarfs,purple heawear,stage, dance

A group of women in dark kimonos did some classical Okinawan dance.

young men,dancing,hoes,stage

 These young guys were obviously playing the role of farmers.

modern dance,sabani,paddle,stage performance, young men wnd women

In the past, I thought these were some hip hop crowd and, only took a few photos.

This year, I heard them singing about the ocean.

And, noticed that sabani paddle, center stage.

That's when, I realized,  it's modern dance but, it is a form of art.

These youngsters are keeping Okinawan tradition alive and well.

So, I shot a few hundred photos while they performed.

silver and gold fans,red kimonos,dance

The ladies in red, I have been photographing for years and years.

And, I still have no idea, what the story behind this dance might be.

shoeless,dancers,dark kimonos

For sure, these performers represent the working class.

They don't have shoes or socks and aren't wearing any fancy silk kimomos.

dance,royalty,bright kimonos,Okinawa,festival
One of these days, I should buy a big bottle of sake and sit down with a dance instructor.

Then, get the story on all these traditional Okinawan dances.

Don't you think that would be the best way to getterdun ?

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