Monday, September 15, 2014

GIFs from a Secondary School Athletic Meet in Kin Town Okinawa

Fun in the Sun



If you ever get an invitation to an Undokai (Sports Day Event) in Japan, don't turn it down.

This was my first, of many, I'll be going to this year.

With a few photos, I can show you highlights from yesterday's entertainment.

uniformed Eisa dancers,drums,purple headbands

The best part of any Undokai, has to be the Eisa performance.

A few of my grand-kids, are in there somewhere.

Dressed in those uniforms, everybody looks the same, to me.

So, I shot over 1,000 photos, to make sure, I didn't miss anyone.

parents,students,teachers, relay races

Students, aren't the only ones being athletic.

Parents and teachers get to participate in things like relay races, too.

folk dancing, boys and girls, school uniforms, athletic field

The crowd really enjoyed, watching these students folk dance.

At that age, I bet the boys were wishing they were somewhere else like, home.

But, they put on a good presentation, being the gentleman that they were.

tug-o-war, men against women, Undokai,sports day

 Here we had a tug-o-war.  It was guys against gals.

Parents, teachers, students, grandparents, cousins, nephews and nieces, were involved.

And, the girls won !

tug-o-war, women beat men,GIF

 When, they held a re-match, I switched cameras and used a wide angle lens.

That way, you could see everybody, when the guys handed those gals a defeat.

But, the women, dragged the boys over the line, again.

You don't suppose, they were just being gentlemen and, letting the ladies win.

Do you ?

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