Thursday, September 11, 2014

Statues in Okinawa of People Pointing Towards Places

There Must Be a Reason



Famous individuals don't just point out things to be rude.

Whenever I see a statue, pointing at something, I have to figure out what was going on.

statue, King Sho En, Izena Island, pointing

This is a statue of King Sho En, located on Izena Island

His name was Kanamaru when he was young and, he's pointing east, towards Okinawa.

Across the sea, he went and, became King of the Ryukyu Islands.

statue pointing west, Taiki,Yomitan,China

Over in Yomitan, Okinawa, there's a statue of Taiki, pointing west.

His big brother, King Satto, sent him on missions to trade with China and, he did well.

The Village of Yomitan, holds a Taiki Festival every year in his honor.

statue pointing, Kyuzo Toyama, Emigrate east

This is a statue of  Kyuzo Toyama, considered the father of Okinawan emigration.

He is pointing to the East, towards Hawaii.

His emigration policies led to Okinawan communities being established worldwide.

Last and Least




The next photo, isn't a statue, just someone pointing, back towards Okinawa.

It's me and, after three days running around on Izena, I wanted to go home.

cutout,RyukyuMike pointing

It would be nice, to become royalty someday but, I wouldn't want to be a king.

Emperor, benevolent dictator or, something like that, would be fine.

"Free beers and yellow flip-flops for everyone."  That's what I'd say. 

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