Thursday, September 25, 2014

Travel Photo: Where We Were a Year Ago Today

Take a Look Back and See Where You Were



Shooting digital cameras, every day, is a great way to record your personal history. 

There's no need to write the day's events down.

The camera, does all that stuff for you.

windsurfers, cityscape,ocean

This photo of windsurfers was taken on today's date in 2013.

My shooting buddy Doc and I stopped by Senaga Island, just south of Naha Airport.

We had been farther south, checking on birds in Tomigusuku.

And, discovered that some Black-faced Spoonbills had migrated to Okinawa.

Who knows? 

 With all the global warming and chilling, going on, they could already be here again.

The year went by, incredibly fast and, reminded me of this song.

Now, I'm not sure it's funny. But time sure does, slip away ! 

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