Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some of the Activity at a 97th Birthday Party in Okinawa

4 Motion GIFs of Events at a Kajimaya



In the Ryukyu Archipeligo a Kajimaya is a big deal.

Today, I got to attend one because one of my neighbors, attained the age of ninety-seven.

We had a little parade in the streets but, I haven't looked at those photos, yet.

For now, we'll just look at what took place at the party indoors.

young dancers,GIF,Okinawan celebration, Kajimaya
The younger generation entertains the crowd with some sort of hilarious dance.

kimonos, classical dance, young ladies

A bit more formal, were these gals, dancing with silver and gold fans.

Hula dancers

Everybody likes watching Hula dancers so, we had some of them, too.

kimono-clad woman,dancing with an umbrella
 Now, I'm not sure if you should call that blue thing a parasol or, umbrella.

But, the gal in the blue kimono sure knows how to dance with it.

After a few hours of celebrating, the birthday girl got tired.

And, she had somebody take her home so, she could go to sleep in her own bed.

And, that's what they did.

Man, I can hardly wait to turn ninety-seven !

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