Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lizard Photos: Takydromus Something or Other Found in Okinawa

Takydromus,lizard, green

This One Has Me Stumped



It could be a Takydromus smaragdinus, dorsalis or, sauteri. I really don't know.

Using what information, I could gather, I checked about a dozen websites.

This character was in the weeds behind my office and posed momentarily for me.

green lizard,GIF, vegetation

Most of the day was spent researching to find the correct scientific name.

And, I must have looked at a few hundred thumbnail sized photos of lizards.

American, European, Chinese and Japanese websites were checked.

When, I came across a professor at Harvard's website, he convinced me to quit.

He said something like, he's been studying these critters all his life.

And, the more he learns, he realizes, the less he knows about them.

So, I slammed my laptop shut and took a break.

When I came back, I found a Takydromus Facebook Page and, signed myself up.

Then, bookmarked Lizards of Japan.

This case won't be closed until we find the correct ID for the rascal.

But, for right now, I don't want to get any dumber than, I already am.

UPDATED RESOURCES: We may ahve a Anolis carolinensis, here.

Animal Diversity Web

The Reptile Database

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