Monday, August 3, 2015

10 Animated Images from a Summer Festival

Eisa Matsuri




The month of August, has to be the best month of the year for festival-goers.

Every summer, Kin Town has an Eisa Festival.  This one happened yesterday.
Luckily it didn't start, until the weather cooled, after 5PM.

Eias group, dancing

Eisa began as a dance performed during Obon and was called Bon Odori (dance) years ago.

Bon Odori is still performed throughout Japan during the Obon season.

Eisa, dancers, drummers

In Okinawa, the dance was modified and, it is performed throughout the year.

Eisa, girls dancing

The young men and women practice the moves, months in advance of this matsuri.

dance, drums, Eisa, uniforms

Besides the drums, speakers blast music from the sanshin players on the stage.

hatagashira, babmoo, banners

The village district banners (hatagashira) are carried on bamboo poles.

pink kimonos, girl, dancers, fans

Only one camera, lens and tripod were used for this event.

The idea being, I wanted to travel light and be able to move quickly.

female  Eisa dancers, pink flip-flops, yukatta

The team from Nakagawa had girls, wearing pink flip-flops and yukatta.

Yukatta is another word for summer kimono.

young girls, Eisa dancers, fans

One of those Eisa gals, in pink, happens to be my #1 granddaughter.

Eia performance, Kin Town

After, I captured a few hundred photos of her, it was time to take a break.

The camera got switched off so, I could do some socializing with the beer drinkers.

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