Tuesday, August 25, 2015

During Obon Eisa Drums Will Be Heard Day and Night

Obon Season in Okinawa 26-28 AUG 2015



Eisa, drums, dancers

This image was created at the Kin Town Eisa Matsuri earlier this month.

Okinawa.s Obon begins tomorrow and, lasts through Friday of this week.

The young people doing the performances may be seen and heard just about anywhere.

 During daylight hours hospitals, day care centers and shopping malls are popular.

Evenings, the drums and shouts of the Eisa dancers are heard on many of the back-roads. 

Often, they are out there dancing until way past midnight.

With the passing of Typhoon Goni, we may begin to see some clear skies.

If no more rain falls, some photos of the full moon above the dancers may be possible.

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