Thursday, August 6, 2015

Typhoon Soudelor Blew Right Past Okinawa

Still Have Roofs Over Our Heads



The Super Typhoon everybody was worried about went south of Okinawa Island.

It dropped from a CAT 5 (wind over 155 MPH) to a  CAT 3 (111-130MPH) recently.

And, it's path is moving towards Taiwan and China.

orange tile roof, Okinawa

So far, there's been hardly a sprinkle of rain on our orange-tiled roofs.

And, one weatherman says, we can expect 2-4 inches of rain, to hit us overnight. 

If you enjoy worrying, worry about Taiwan and, the far south islands of Okinawa.

Quit worrying about us, we're doing just fine !

Beer Time.....

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